Restaurant Review: Kimos, Liverpool

Kimos Cafe – Brilliant Bargain Breakfasts

Kimos Cafe is perfect for Liverpool students looking for reasonably priced, often healthy lunches around the corner from campus. In my student days, Kimos’ breakfasts provided the crucial first steps of brutal hangover recovery – literally saving my life – on a regular basis. Thanks to Kimo-therapy I struggled through. Frugal tourists staying in surrounding hotels would be well advised to visit here first thing.

The Mediterranean Breakfast has long been a personal obligation, setting me up for the day ahead with a smile. I felt smugly cosmopolitan with my fresh orange juice, feta, pickles and falafel, perfectly content watching the weird and wonderful walking passed outside.

Kimos’ servers are consistently friendly and bring hot plates of food frighteningly quickly. The multicultural environment provides an informal and inclusive atmosphere. It makes a refreshing change to see all demographics coming together in a genuine manner free of corporate or government gloss.

Kimos’ music is dated, verging on bizarre, while their furniture is ergonomically designed for dwarves or NBA players. Although fixtures and fittings are rough around the edges, as Kimo’s is the same price point as bland, greasy-spoons, the interior design works wonders.

The food’s not all brilliant. Breakfast aside, Kimos’ menu is nothing but predictable. The burgers and chicken dishes are OK but uninspiring; it’s the salads which surprisingly provide more excitement.

Kimos Cafe Review Summary

Atmosphere 7/10    Cost 10/10   Quality 5/10   Service 7/10

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