Restaurant Review: Evuna NQ, Manchester

Evuna NQ – Slices of Spanish Sunshine

Evuna NQ’s a corner of non-descript scruffy buildings, not doing justice to the hidden charms inside. The NQ hipster enclave of Manchester has far more than its fair share of exciting places to eat and drink; despite stiff competition, this charming tapas restaurant is worth seeking out.

Evuna NQ’s lunch-time menu of three tapas for £9.90 with slightly reduced wine prices offered decent value. In short, all six tapas dishes were wolfed down. The menu was limited and ultimately predictable; but, as everything served was tasty, nobody cared. Unless against your religion, it is a sin to not eat the spicy chorizo in red wine. Even if it is, take one for the team and get it down you – I was on my hands and knees praying in gratitude. Even the house red provided an excellent match, making me glad I was alive. The calamari was perfectly reasonable but lacked colour, while his best buddy aioli did him proud. The meatballs were meanly portioned but nicely spiced, and served in a purposeful tomato sauce. Some further meat on a stick managed to be both juicy and well caramelised. Everything was generally as it should be; Evuna NQ left me feeling alright with the world.

Evuna NQ created a relaxed yet very tasteful atmosphere, provided by the solid wooden furniture, exposed brickwork, and soft lighting. While the staff were all warm, welcoming and happy to help. The danger of Evuna NQ lunch visits is the wine is too tempting to leave. I’m less inclined to go for dinner – this was food to nibble at – not feast on. Still, Evuna NQ was a touch of sunshine, in a permanently drizzly spot.

Evuna NQ
Review Summary

Atmosphere 8    Cost 7    Quality 7    Service 8

Evuna NQ Manchester Restaurant Review
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