Restaurant Review: Beef & Pudding, Manchester

Beef & Pudding – The Steaks Were High

Beef & Pudding is yet another relatively expensive, retro styled gourmet burger hot spot, something in danger of becoming a Manchester cliche. Thankfully I don’t think Beef & Pudding will fall prey to this if it stays true to its great branding and focus on British produce. A lot of thought had gone into the décor; it was contemporary with a nod to the traditional. It’s all shiny tiles, tasteful lighting and a muted colour palette. It was everything I want my flat to be like but totally isn’t. Everything’s tasteful and nothing’s tacky. Without wanting to (literally) bring up bad blood, it’s sobering to remember for a moment, the dismal days of the mid-nineties British beef industry, and how distant they now feel.

Beef & Pudding’s menu was well put together, concise and everything looked tempting. It was almost entirely British; something fabulous and rare in equal measure. I found it rather amusing when I asked for some French mustard, and the server returned with Coleman’s and an apology. I suspect it was only because I generously tipped that I wasn’t barred.

I wanted to love the food, but it felt short of being great. Unless you’re Fat Bastard from Austin Powers, you won’t argue with Beef & Pudding’s portions. The black pudding worked with the punchy curry spices but was one dimensional as every mouthful was identical. Similarly, the pig’s cheek was anonymous in the very rich but tasty gravy. The B&P burger had that proper chargrilled meaty taste missing from cheap burgers but was nevertheless quite dry. The ‘proper’ chips were Manchester’s best, but no doubt knocked a week of my life expectancy. Even so, I’d order them again. Beef & Pudding was udderly Nothern food to be proud of, but it lacked finesse in places.

Beef & Pudding
Review Summary

Atmosphere 8  Cost 6  Quality 7  Service 8

Beef and Pudding Manchester Restaurant Review
Brilliant chips if nothing else
Beef and Pudding Manchester Restaurant Review
Pigs Cheek; exceptional gravy but the pig itself was largely absent
  • *Since this review was first published, Beef & Pudding is unfortunately no longer with us – hence the lack of link*

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