Bar Review: Le Beaujolais, The West End

Le Beaujolais – Wine Down & People Watch

Being turned away from The Ivy was embarrassing; I felt heartbroken, like a teenager who’s object of desire remained unrequited. I lamented that I’d ironed a shirt and cleaned my ears for no reason. However, all was not lost as I stumbled across the charming Le Beaujolais practically next-door.

Le Beaujolais looked French, felt French, tasted French…it even sounded French. But there was something distinctively alien, betraying that authentically French feel. I couldn’t immediately put my finger on it. Then it hit me. Sacré bleu! The staff were welcoming, helpful and cheerful. Obviously, this kind of attitude wouldn’t survive in Paris, but their loss is our gain. I later discovered that Le Beaujolais is London’s oldest French wine bar, with downstairs reserved as an intriguing member’s only club.

Do you remember Tie Rack; those cubicles offering a plethora of patterned neck wear, for sales reps who’d spilt their latte on the Virgin Pendolino? This is what Le Beaujolais is, with the addition of an excellent cheese and wine selection. I have no idea why hundreds of ties dangle from the ceiling like polyester stalactites, but it was all rather fun. Ironically, these numerous appendages, meant Le Beaujolais would be my ideal place to commit suicide, should the need present itself.

Nestled in the heart of theatre-land, sitting outside Le Beaujolais with a bottle of something French provided a perfect people watching spot. A high-quality meat filled baguette was sneaked into proceedings, served with an unusually violent harissa. My only gripe was the stingy sized wine glasses – they didn’t do justice to the high-quality wine served.

Le Beaujolais Review Summary

Atmosphere 9/10    Cost 6/10    Quality 8/10    Service 8/10

Le Beaujolais London Restaurant Review
Wine and bread; what the French do best.

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