Bar Review: Bedales Wine Bar, Borough Market

Bedales of Borough Market – People Watching Paradise

Bedales of Borough benefits from an excellent location and is a trendy, yet unpretentious wine bar that nestles perfectly in the area. Borough Market is one my favourite parts of London; a melting pot of flavours, as diverse as anywhere in the world. It feels unspoilt by corporate interests, just a shame a loaf of bread is £4. The down to earth interior and warm staff created a welcoming atmosphere, while chaotic South London went about its business all around us.

Bedales wine was very much enjoyed, although chosen from a relatively limited by-the-glass menu. That said there was an impressive collection of bottles to order. I tried orange wine for the first time, which was rustic and robust, but I was glad I ordered a glass rather than a bottle. Some nibbles consisted of top quality ingredients but offered laughably small portions: small bursts of Mediterrean umami punctuated the wine glugging. The bites to eat were just too expensive given the almost zero lack of preparation required.

Sipping wine and people watching – are there any greater pleasures? Well yes probably, but at least this was legal. Bedales of Borough Market is a great little place for classier boozing, but don’t bother eating.

Bedales of Borough Market
Review Summary

Atmosphere 9   Cost 3    Quality 8    Service 8

Bedales of Borough Restaurant Review
Great selection of wines by the bottle, not so much by the glass

Bedales of Borough Market

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