Drink Review: Laphroaig Tripple Wood Whisky

Whisky Tasting Notes

Laphroaig Tripple Wood Nose: Surprisingly slow start, but apricots gently burning over a peat fire waft over and hang in the air. There’s a tangible briny butteriness – the smell alone tightens the arteries.

Laphroaig Tripple Wood Taste: After a moment of serenity – the calm before the storm – an unctuous grenade of medicine heavily seasoned with earthy spices detonates. There’s plenty of peat as expected, but a sodden grassiness which is impressively smooth. Burnt sugar and quality sherry rush in to lift the spirits, as you recall chewing liquorice laces while still in shorts.

Laphroaig Tripple Wood Finish: The whisky runs and runs; as the sherry breaks on the salty shoreline of the palate, the residual peat remains all evening. It all settles with a surprisingly complex balance of iodine, smoke and charred caramel. For me, there’s not quite enough sweetness to cover the sense of burning tires.

Flavour 8/10   Value 8/10

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Laphroaig Triple Wood Islay whisky review tasting notes
Laphroaig Triple Wood – Originally launched for the duty-free market

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