DRINK REVIEW: Kilchoman Sanaig Whisky


Whisky Tasting Notes

Kilchoman Sang Nose: A whisky this young has no right to have a nose this elegant: an immediate rush of strong peat is lifted by wonderful bergamot and smoking sandalwood.

Kilchoman Sanaig Taste: Surprisingly smooth for such a young whisky, with an initial sweetness of stewed fruits. The flavour builds and builds with an express train of black and Szechuan pepper; beat powers forward, masking the lack of age. Although not particularly complex, the depth of flavour is noteworthy.

Kilchoman Sanaig Finish: A medium-long finish of warming peat smoke and traces of sherry, lacking slightly in balance. Islay is the small island, home to whisky giants; yet, despite such fierce competition, Kilchoman’s made room for itself. Although not my personal favourite, it’s seriously impressive for a no-age-statement dram – which is reflected in the price.

Flavour 8/10    Value 7/10

Buy Kilchoman Sang Whisky Here

Kilchoman Sanaig Single Malt Whisky Review Islay Tasting Notes
Originally released in France, Sanaig became more widely available in 2016

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