Restaurant Review: Capri Grand Cafe Lytham

Capri – Lunching In Leafy Lytham

Capri Grand Cafe, not a 1970s Ford-themed eatery, but a quaint brunch hot spot / bar furnished by ladies-who-lunch, just distant enough from Blackpool to feel safe. Being warmly greeted by the ethereal manager Leigh set a positive first impression: one reinforced throughout the afternoon by the support act of smart, sprightly servers.

The carrot and stick combination of the howling wind rattling through Lytham, and the amicable bar staff encouraged me to loiter around Capri Grand Cafe’s well-stocked shelves with intent. Boodles Mulberry Gin with Elderflower Tonic was recommended – transpiring to be the ideal autumnal afternoon elixir. Additionally, Capri’s well-thought-out cocktail menu, produced an intriguing ‘Gin Zombie’ and elegant ‘Pomegranate And Elderflower Spritz’. That said, everyone else was drinking bloody Porn Star Martinis.

Regarding mains; the impressively meaty, yet wonderfully tender, tuna steak was served admirably rare as promised. The quality of this hunk of boldly-seasoned saltwater fish was obvious, the accompanying aioli was a delight, while the simple, fresh side salad did a job. It’s all only simply presented but it’s what I asked for. Capri’s mushroom pizza successfully negotiated the culinary tight-rope of truffle; not enough is pointless – too much induces projectile vomiting – just enough provided a world of flavour. The pizza base carried through authentic smokey elements and retained its thin and crispy integrity; however, the crust lacked ambition. Although the mushrooms were oily; overall, the pizza packed a satisfying umami punch. Additionally, two sets of sweet potato fries were gloriously salty, impressively crispy, yet concealed soft and flavourful interiors.

In an attempt to subvert the continental vibe, chilled house music and fashionable young clientele, I needed to sober up. I ordered the seemingly out of place, scones with jam and clotted cream. Capri Grand Cafe’s billowing freshly baked scones were of such rustic British beauty, I requested the national anthem. All that was left was to slurp a robust, yet velvety flat white, before settling a not cheap nor unreasonable bill.

Capri Grand Cafe is neither really grand or a cafe. It’s a smart yet easy going lunch or brunch spot, that’s fresh and modern with a decent cocktail menu. Certainly worth a visit, especially with such a lovely terrace.

Capri Cafe & Bar Lytham Restaurant Review
Rare Tuna Steak w/ Sweet Potato Fries
Capri Cafe & Bar Lytham Restaurant Review
Rarer Than Hen’s Teeth
Capri Cafe & Bar Lytham Restaurant Review
Mushroom & Truffle Pizza
Capri Cafe & Bar Lytham Restaurant Review
Autumnal Gin Serves

Capri Grand Cafe & Bar Review Summary

Atmosphere 9/10    Cost 7/10    Quality 9/10    Service 10/10

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