Bar Review: Keith’s Wine Bar, Aigburth

Keith’s Wine Bar – Loveable Lark Lane

Keith’s Wine Bar is nestled on Lark Lane – the best street in Liverpool. Lark Lane was a hipster enclave before anybody knew what one was. Keith’s Wine Bar provided the ideal spot to watch artsy students, old-fashioned cabbies who define ‘scouser’ and shadowy alcoholics shuffling about in fine fettle. Lark Lane has managed to avoid Pret-A-Manger and Zizzi moving in, but I fear it’s only a matter of time. Nearby restaurants ‘Belly’ and ‘Meat Factory’ provide a sense of the neighbourhood.

Keith’s Wine Bar is about as unpretentious as a wine bar gets – which is no bad thing. That said, 1/5 score from the Food Standards Agency probably is a bad thing. The holes in the walls were not the idea of an interior design agency. With bohemian artwork and rough wooden tables set with dripping candles teetering from wine bottles, this is as shabby chic as Liverpool gets. For a moment I mentally drifted off to the continent until I overheard: “That’s a boss Pinot, that lad”.

The staff were approachable and provided the natural, witty rapport that Liverpudlians are genetically predisposed to offer. Contrary to reports, Keith’s Wine Bar isn’t dirt cheap, but it’s certainly reasonable. The wine selection is robust, with craft beers also available.

As Keith’s is, of course, a wine bar, I expected the cheeseboard not to be sourced from a dinner lady supplier. There was at least plenty of it, so much so I had nightmares for weeks.

Seek Keith’s out (but don’t tell anyone else).

Keith’s Wine Bar Review Summary

Atmosphere 8/10    Cost 7/10    Quality 5/10    Service 8/10

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