Bar Review: Revolution, Preston

Preston Revolution – In Need Of Revolution

I am a fan of the Vodka Revolution chain, in theory. However, everything that could go wrong does go wrong in Preston. Revolution’s recent refurbishment and prominent promotional literature suggested ambitions of a proper cocktail bar – nothing could be further from the truth.

Here’s how to improve:

  • Revolution Preston staff need basic cocktail knowledge. Not pretentious levels of flamboyance, but not knowing a Vodka Martini was embarrassing for someone called Vodka Revolution. Requesting a Caipirinha resulted in nothing but a blank expression. I was served an Old Fashioned so extraordinary unlike one, I’m too embarrassed to elaborate: not ideal when Revolution sells cocktail training to the public.
  • Revolution Preston bars need fresh fruit. Basil & Raspberry Mojito contained no fresh limes, no fresh basil, questionable raspberry puree and unconvincing mint – the sheer audacity of it all! Staff not bothering to muddle limes during manic periods is forgivable, but when there’s nobody else in, it’s painful. Similarly, it was a crime not to receive lime with rum and ginger. Furthermore, G&T’s were missing garnishes, meaning Wetherspoons outclassed Vodka Revolution.
  • Revolution Preston needs stock. I asked for a 15 year Havana: ten minutes later I was poured a seven-year without explanation.
  • Revolution Preston needs to provide hospitality. I ordered a bottle of vodka for £75, providing a healthy margin from £18 trade prices. An ice bucket is provided without tongs, so bare hands were used which was both unpleasant and unhygienic. There was no bar towel to wipe up the ensuing puddle; obviously, limes were a non-starter. No staff were aware to wipe down a table, let alone engage with customers in any manner.
  • Revolution Preston needs to get organised. When making a spirit on the rocks, don’t use one piece of ice which quickly melts. When making three drinks, don’t make the spirit on the rocks first, then take ten minutes making two cocktails and another minute to key it into the till. Please be able to remember three drinks without pen and paper. Likewise, when receiving a large booking, have the cutlery pre-set ready – at the very least bring the cutlery before the food. Furthermore, turn the coffee machine on, or throw it away and give up the pretence of offering hot drinks.
  • Revolution Preston needs table service. If customers are sat with empty glasses for ten minutes, they are likely waiting for another. Proactively provide the bill, and encourage servers to look in the direction of tables occasionally.
  • Revolution needs to clean its lines. Knowing the beer is undrinkable I ordered a bottled beer – it was room temperature. This really was the final straw(pedo).

Vodka Revolution
Review Summary

Atmosphere 4  Cost 3  Quality 2  Service 1

  • Vodka Revolution Preston Review
    Vodka Shots – The Only Safe Bet

    *Since this review was first published, Revolution Preston is unfortunately no longer with us – hence the lack of link*

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