Whisky Tasting Notes

Dalmore 12 Year Nose: Smells like your favourite Great Auntie’s sherry soaked chin at Christmas and not much else.

Dalmore 12 Year Taste: A wonderfully rich macchiato with a dash of cheap Triple Sec. It’s all sleepy winter afternoons, spent lazily grazing High Street chocolate boxes with crumbs down your jumper. The cinnamon sugar makes for a great introduction to Highland whisky.

Dalmore 12 Year Finish: A short but smooth finish, with malty notes more than anything. I was seduced by the regal bottle, distinguished branding and sensual amber hue; however, let’s not get too excited about another 40%, chill filtered, coloured mass produced Highlander. That said, there are too many well-defined and coherent festive flavours at a reasonable price point to dismiss – give it the in-laws on Boxing Day with a mince pie.

Flavour 7/10    Value 7/10

Buy Dalmore 12 Year Whisky Here

Dalmore 12 Year Old Whisky Review Highland Tasting Notes
Aged for the first nine years in American white oak ex-bourbon casks, before half is sent to ex-oloroso sherry casks.

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