Drink Review: Bowmore 15 Year Old Darkest Whisky

Whisky Tasting Notes

Bowmore 15 Year Darkest Nose: Waking up hungover but excited on Christmas morning with tobacco still on your breath. It’s taking that first bite of robust mince pie, whilst warming up with a cosy hot chocolate, nostrils filling with steaming milky cocoa.

Bowmore 15 Year Darkest Taste: Thick rolling waves of burning wood, with clean pine air fighting to come through. Viscous, dark toffee flavours bring sweetness, with surprisingly very little peat.

Bowmore 15 Year Darkest Finish: A medium-long finish of sherry-drenched Christmas pudding made with too much nutmeg. A final oily, cinnamon-sugar note means you leave on good terms.

Flavour 8/10    Value 8/10

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Bowmore 15 Year Old Darkest Islay Whisky Review
Awarded Gold Outstanding Scotch Single Malt – Islay – 2014 International Wine & Spirit Competition
Bowmore 15 Year Old Darkest Islay Whisky
Voted ‘Outstanding’ by the IWSC in 2014

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